Invest AD LAUNCHES A NEW Asset management BoUtique in ADGM with a focus on investing in MENA EQUITIES markets Jun 26, 2019


Invest AD LAUNCHES A NEW Asset management BoUtique in ADGM with a focus on investing in MENA EQUITIES markets

AD Investment Management (ADIM) is a specialized asset management boutique that is supported by a leading sovereign wealth fund, with focus on investing in equities markets of the Middle East & North Africa

26 June 2019, Abu Dhabi, UAE: AD Investment Management (ADIM), part of Invest AD, has established a new office in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the international financial centre in Abu Dhabi. It will be regulated by the ADGM’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

Invest AD recently introduced a multi-boutique structure under its Asset Management platform, targeting institutional investors. This multi-boutique approach has resulted in ADIM attracting a group of experienced fund managers with a diverse background and set of skills who have been investing for a combined 83 years in the Middle East and North Africa working for leading global and regional financial institutions.

Faras Al Ramahi, Chairman of ADIM & CEO of Invest AD said, “Building out the MENA equity capability was a key strategic initiative at Invest AD. With ADIM’s creation, we now have three asset management businesses established in the ADGM focusing on different asset classes in different regions. The strength and stability of ADIM’s parent will provide additional comfort to investors and will allow ADIM to remain focused on delivering performance for its investors which in itself is the main advocate of its sustainability. We have carefully chosen the investment team in ADIM based on their impressive track record performing across different market cycles.

Yazan Abdeen, CEO & Portfolio Manager at ADIM added “As a specialized asset management boutique focused on MENA equites ADIM is well-equipped to cater to the diversified investment needs of its clients. Today, investors are demanding increasingly innovative and tailored asset management solutions. We are proud to be able to provide clients, communities, capital markets and shareholders with sustainable investment solutions by committing seasoned investment professionals, independent financial thought and disciplined processes”

As part of ADIM’s commitment to responsible and sustainable investment solutions, the firm also plans to launch several new funds across the previously mentioned investment-solutions offering. ADIM’s funds will be domiciled either on Invest AD’s Luxembourg SICAV platform that is UCITS compliant or in ADGM.

The announcement of the launch of new funds will be made in the near future

About Invest AD

Established in 1977, Invest AD is a leading Abu Dhabi-based financial services company, focused on tapping the growth markets of the Middle East and beyond. Invest AD offers investors access to listed equities, fixed income opportunities and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), blending international best practice with an intimate knowledge of the markets, cultures and dynamics of each country in the region.


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